If you are looking for aggressive legal representation, you have found the right attorney.

steveHello!  My name is Attorney Steven Heisler.  I am an experienced divorce attorney in the State of Michigan.  If you are thinking of filing for divorce in Michigan you should consult with an attorney first.

What I will offer you if you are considering divorce is a FREE thirty minute meeting in my office.  You will not pay anything to me unless and until you sign a written agreement AFTER your free meeting with me.  During this meeting you will learn what to expect in Michigan during the divorce process.  You will be told that you can be your own attorney, but why you still may want to consider using an attorney.  I do not tell people they have no option and they must have an attorney.  This is because if I told you that you MUST have an attorney, it would be an untrue statement.  You will be told how hiring an attorney after you start the process MIGHT cost you more than if you start the process with an attorney.

One question I hear all the time is: Why should I hire you and not another attorney? The answer is simple.  A divorce is a life changing experience for you (and your children if you have any) and you should want an attorney that has a track record of repeated extraordinary results for his clients.

If you have already been severed with divorce papers, you should consult with an attorney A.S.A.P. as the law limits the time you have to respond to the papers your receive.

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