One method that may be used to help resolve disputes or disagreements during a divorce action is mediation. Mediation is non-adversarial, meaning each side has an equal voice – it is not a “he vs. she” situation.

Through mediation, a divorcing, divorced, or unmarried couple is assisted in reaching an agreement that is determined wholly by the couple and reasonable to both parties, with the help of a neutral professional called a mediator. The mediator will help both people discuss their needs and want so that an acceptable (livable) agreement can be forged without the need to go to trial and save both parties increased legal expense.

Mediation can have high financial benefits because it is generally less expensive than litigation. However, certain elements are crucial to a successful mediation. An attorney with the Law Offices of Steven A Heisler, Esq PLLC can help make mediation successful.

A sensitive mediator, usually a Michigan Attorney or someone from the Friend of the Court (FOC) who has been specially trained in mediation, must ensure that both sides have their voice heard. In relationships where one person holds significantly more of the power and money, it can lead to unsatisfactory results without fair input from both parties and the protection of an attorney being present. Though divorce mediation is not marriage counseling, it can have remarkable healing and therapeutic results for the couple so they can move on with their lives.   Our firm believes, in most cases, not all, that mediation should be tried to resolve all, if not some issues.   By resolving some issues, also can lower the cost of litigation.