Child Support


 After going through a Child Custody issue one parent is may end up with primary custody of a child or children. In normal circumstances, bother parents will be responsible for the support of the child and one parent will be paying child support to help pay for the needs and education of the child. The recipient of child support is usually not required to account for the child support he or she receives.

Things such as voluntary gifts, clothes, or transportation are not considered child support.

When calculating (or recalculating) child support, Michigan is required to consider the Michigan Child Support Formula.

When the Court Orders Support and the parent required to pay support does not pay, the Law Offices of Steven A Heisler, Esq PLLC can assist the client in the collection of past-due support. In some cases, the firm has even assisted clients with large balances (over $5,000.00) to request the non-paying party to be criminally prosecuted.

Michigan Law allows our attorneys to seek:

  • Immediate Income Withholding
  • Tax Lien
  • Lien on Bank Account
  • Credit Reporting
  • License Suspension (Driver’s, Sporting, and professional)
  • Passport Denial and Suspension
  • Incarceration